TeleVideo, Inc. (OTC BB: TELVE) is a publicly held company specializing in the development and manufacturing of Windows-based and network terminals.
Founded in 1975, TeleVideo established itself as a leading supplier in the video display terminal industry. The company pioneered a new generation of computer terminals with the introduction of its first “smart” terminals, based on the Intel microprocessor, at a time when dumb terminals were the industry standard.
In the early 1990’s, the company capitalized on emerging trends in multimedia and produced a complete line of leading-edge 2D and 3D graphic accelerators, 3D soundcards and multimedia upgrade kits. TeleVideo’s move into multimedia allowed the company to pioneer a second market that became a building block for their video display products, launched in 1996.
In 1996, TeleVideo expanded its line of video display products with a new family of high-end 15”, 17”, 19” and 21” CRT monitors. The monitors provided high resolutions and high-quality performance that created a new standard for CRT display in the business market.
Today, TeleVideo is focusing on the emerging thin client technology by delivering Windows-based and network terminals for client/server network computing. The company’s experience in the terminal, CRT monitor display, and add-in board products, with over 3 million installed based, gives TeleVideo the advantage necessary to capitalize on this new emerging technology.

Location of the European Distributor

The Headquarter and Warehouse of the UPIC GmbH is in Germany,
located at Stockstadt/Main, a town near the City of Aschaffenburg,
42 km southeast of Frankfurt/Main Airport.
UPIC has Representatives in several other Countries.

Representatives are located in: Bulgaria, Egypt, Marocco, Russia, Spain, Ukraine and USA.
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